EMAIL—- e-image of your personality…!!

17 05 2013


Let you tell me first, how do you judge someone in one meet? Or how do you decide ‘good/bad’, ‘like/dislike’ for someone? Definitely you judge him by the way they communicate, their personality. Their communication skills tell you what actually you should have to do for them.

Email is a way of online authentic communication. The way you communicate, your word of curtsey and gratitude, your language project your personality to your reader. There are some untold protocols of communication. Please must follow them whenever you communicate either verbally or electronically.

Let you tell me one more thing.  Why do you write some one? What is the purpose? I am sure there will must be some purpose of writing and you expect that your message get read and acted upon. But How? How will your recipients understand that they have to read your mail?

There are just few things what you have to follow:


Give your reader one line description of the content of your mail. Neither leaves it blank nor too long. Never use the word ‘URGENT MAIL’, ‘VERY IMPORTANT, MUST READ’ or any such craps. If you are replying mail of some write some brief information about that in subjects that’s how the recipients person can understand that you have replied of his mail of (DDMMYYYY) day and it is about (…..).

2)     MESSAGE:

Message should be focused about the subjects. Do mix so many things in one mail; you can write separate mail for each of your purpose. Keep habit of one point one mail.  Check spelling mistakes first, font should be readable. You can use highlighter and color wherever necessary; but don’t use RED color unless that line is very strong and you need to over emphasize this line. RED is an aggressive color so choose it carefully. Write short paragraphs and avoid fancy faces and images if it is official mail but you must have to use emoji (CTRL+SHIFT+Z) and funny-fancy images if you are writing to your girlfriend. You can use abbreviations if it is well known otherwise mention full name in bracket.

Mention about the attachments if any.


Don’t attach files unless it is very necessary or important. Your attachment consumes a lot of bandwidth and increase security risk. Viruses can be attached on the way. Another possibility is compatibility issue. Is your recipients system compatible with your file or do they have the required application to read your attachments?


Start with humble and with kind accost as like Respected sir/madam, Dear Sir/Madam/Name…..

And end the message body and your signature with full gratitude and curtsey as like

Thanking you for your kind consideration,

Expecting an acknowledgement mail or a reply from your side,

Warm regards,

(Your name).

You can mention your contact number too. If the mail is official and you are sending it to your business concern, you can use your organization logo after mentioning your name, designation, contact no.


Neither keep fancy name of your profile nor fancy email id like (#%&*^ Keep your good quality photo in your profile picture.


Respond promptly and properly of emails you receive. You can avoid spam, junks or newsletter email what you have subscribed.


Do proofreading of your mail. Check grammatical and spelling mistakes as well.

8)     TO: (Your Recipients)

If you have to send it to single person, write their email id in ‘To’ but if you have to send it multiple people don’t mess ‘To’ with multiple email ids. It is a bad manner of communication and it share your all recipients email ids with each other. Either write multiple email ids in ‘Bcc’ or

Put “Undisclosed Recipients<>” in ‘To’ field, replace with your own email address like

Put all the recipients email ids in ‘BCC’ field, separated by comma, for example-,,

Hit the ‘Send’ button.

It protects the privacy of email addresses.

Never use abusive or vulgar language in mail. It can ruin your carrier, your boss will sue you; you will have a big loss of reputation even you can face some legal issues. Respect the cyber law. Be careful!! Your email can embarrass you.

Now you can hit the ‘Send’ button….


Let me know through your comment if this post is useful for you.

Wishing you nothing more than success..!!




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