Employee is strength of our organization—- “HANDLE WITH CARE”

17 05 2013

emsThere are two biggest challenges in business now a day- Marketing and Employee Management. Lets discuss today about employee management.

The biggest asset, strength of a company is their employee. Company is nothing in itself. It’s a team effort. Some issues what we generally face in our organization:

ð  Quality performer employee

ð  Long term employee

We should not have to determine the quality of employee from their education, certificates and background, infect their attitude matters; they should be hardworking and have a sharp learning attitude.  Now this responsibility comes to us that how we will manage them, how do we make them productive. Nobody has born as ‘Abhimanyu (Mahabharata- Son of Arjun)’ today; we learn thing as we grow. So train your employee, motivate them and appreciate them for their improvements. Internet is ocean of information, suggest them to utilize it. If they will have information and willingness to work, they will must hit your target correctly. Remember Information is power unless you act upon. Develop team sprit inside the organization, increase their efficiency.

Make them feel that this is their organization, they are very valuable. Target completion pressure is good and necessary sometimes but at the same time make them some fun too. Now a days people are just jumping from one to another company, its not because they don’t want to work longer with any company, its just because they don’t feel comfortable in your organization so they leave it for better.

Company should have to analysis its policy. Don’t behave like boss. Don’t behave like ruler, be the leader. There is a basic difference between boss and leader- It is the way you communicate. Don’t say it’s a challenge for you guys, do it anyhow right now. Rather say lets do it guys, it’s a challenge for us. Every month give your employee an opportunity to show some creativity in their creative field, share some creative ideas. Gift something to some who has done something best this month; like the best performer of the month…. This is the best way they will feel appreciated and valuable. The gift may be quote or a message written coffee-mug or a diary or a pen or just a chocolate, but sure it will make them more innovative, creative, confident, energetic and effective. Just try; you will feel some magical changes in their performance  and efficiency. Keep lighter environment around their workstation. Give them some spaces. Make them believe, they do their work, you will take care of all their dreams, passion and of-course their liabilities or responsibilities. Give them freedom to share ideas on the forum of your organization on social networking sites.

If you are an entrepreneur and going to start a business, Must develop an action plan of empowering and capacity building of employees. It is as necessary as business plan.

Nobody has limited power. You just have to arose “achiever’s ambition & commitments” in them, a competitive nature in them,  they will be more productive then a high scorer. These guys are very simple even they don’t understand what they can do… A very simple idea can hit the goal. Share success stories of J.K.RowiLIng, Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs…. There are so many inspirations. If anyone can, why not I? It might be late but it will if I am committed enough.




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