I am an intense and complex person by nature and I have extremely strong emotional reactions to most situations. Feelings are often very difficult for me to verbalize. Therefore I have a tendency to be very quiet to brood and think a lot. I seldom get overtly angry, but when I do, I become furious and unforgiving. When I make an emotional commitment it is a total commitment. I am not attracted to superficial or casual relationships. If I am challenged, I take it as a personal affront and tend to lash out and fight back in a vengeful manner. I love mysteries and the supernatural. I love getting to the root of the problems and enjoy finding out what makes other people tick. I am known to be very willful, very powerful and quite tenacious!
I love to be the center of attention and I want to appear strong confident and dominant. I am very proud of myself, sometimes quite vain even. I enjoy the power and privilege, but not the responsibilities, what comes with leadership. I am very idealistic but can also be quite stubborn. Others impress me only if they have integrity (but wealth, power, and influence can also turn my head). I prefer rich, elegant surroundings and possessions, and will try to acquire them as my budget allows. Physically, I am very impressive; at my best I have a regal charismatic demeanor and bearing.
I am highly spirited and courageous, a fighter when my emotions are aroused! The degree of force and drive that I can bring to any effort sometimes surprises others. I have hair-trigger reactions to specific stimuli and tend to “let it all hang out “. I sometimes act before I think and do things on the spur of the moment and that sometimes gets me into trouble. My moods change quickly as I can have quite the temper, but I don’t hold grudges! Very independent, with an extremely strong and forceful personality, I am known for being impulsive, careless, reckless, foolhardy, rash and daring. I am known for not jumping to conclusions about things. I tend to weigh all possible choices very carefully before making a decision. When in the slightest amount of doubt, I will compromise rather than ruffle any feathers meaning rather than getting or starting fights or arguments! I am a true raconteur of culture and taste, my ideas and opinions are neat, elegant and refined. I am a born diplomat, I dislike discord meaning disagreements or stress, is what discord means that I will to out of my way to make others feel comfortable and at ease. I speak softly and pleasantly.

I love dutifully and will not rest until all needs are correctly catered for. Intensely aware of quality and rightness, I am drawn to the highest taste in art, experience and ideas. I am also drawn to the highest taste in experiences and ideas. I have a searching for the closest person to perfection that I can find with as few flaws as possible and only then will I want to settle into a relationship as I am not one to show my feelings for love until this person has proven worthy with not just beauty but a brain and trustworthy etc. as I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve!
I have deep, powerfully driven convictions that can inspire others toward higher understanding and open up possibilities. Sometimes, I feel quite tired and I require a lot of sleep in order to maintain my health and my strength. I am at my best when I act without my ego being important as I hate being mistaken and my ego is so important but sometimes it is wise to put it aside temporarily as needed. I am very unselfish and considerate of the needs of others. I get the most satisfaction by giving to others when I accept nothing in return. I love to work behind the scenes.
I am constant and unchanging and more likely to be monogamous and devoted to the one I love. I have a logical, detached, objective view of most things. My interests are wide-ranging, and I am an avid student, with expertise in many different areas. I love to work things out in my mind; everything I do is reduced to an exercise in logic and reason. I have the ability to grasp abstractions and to deal successfully with the larger issues of life.
Basically I am quite conservative, I respect traditional authority figures and are very thankful and supportive of the laws and institutions which govern my life. I learn and accept new ideas only after having very thoroughly examined them. Ideals and abstract concepts are important to me only if they can be used in some practical fashion. I am so practical and so orderly that I have natural skills in planning, administrating and organizing.
I am attracted to radically new ideas, philosophies and religions that will hopefully cause sweeping changes throughout the world.
Avinash Kumar


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20 05 2013

dear there is a small mistake in first line … am instead of have………. over all nice work,,, keep it up

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