The story of a Knight

8 04 2013


This is a story of a guy who is an entrepreneur by spirit  by passion and by profession. I call him Knight sometimes only the first letter ‘K’. He is a struggling businessman. Due to some reasons his company had sunk before it become in well position. But he is not broken. He is ready for a fresh start with a new idea. In fact he has stepped towards the new experience.

Last night we both were drunk sited in a bar. And I was asking, “K, the day you will be a business tycoon and I will be a best-selling author how will we talk to each other?”

“I don’t know…..Let’s start it now Avi…. But first say cheers…” few drops of whisky spilled on the floor.
“Okay…. Look this bottle is my recording machine; I am going to ask you my first question…” I smiled.
“Huh…” he giggled.
“Tell me the story behind your success Mr. K…” I asked in a heavy tone.

Now read it in his words. He had forbidden me to write book on his story, someday he will write himself. So I am just putting some of our talk in his words.

“There is a myth about ‘villagers’ that they are very poor, they don’t deserve any place in urban society; so-called ‘sophisticated society’. It might be possible if their measurement machine consider the bank accounts, monthly salary and bank lockers only. I have seen peaceful nights in villages and a happy family enjoying every day with joy and love. I have never seen my parents fighting for money or anything. And never saw my father worried for wealth; they do their jobs, their duties and all others they leave over God. They are living his life with dignity and without debt.

A decade ago I reached to this urban society. It is true that those days my thought was, “I am the best student”; because I was one of the best students in my school and college. But when I reached to this competitive cloud, I saw there are crowd of ‘better than me’ students. Now the question was how I can survive here and how can I bring regards for true Indians (“Real India lives in villages….”).

My urban relatives had believed that I can’t do good in any technical or performance based course, neither I know or I can know computer nor I can speak English so enroll in B.Com course, so that after graduation I could get a job of accountant in some private firms. But I was here with a small dream as every boys & girls go out of the village that they will learn, “How to speak English” and “How to operate Computer”.

When I was coming here, papa had given me a note written, “Believe in action, not in words. Prove that what you think you are” And a graph what I had drawn when I was five years old. There was a ripple in the graph. Sine was other sibling of my grandfather and curve was my father. Actually it was a wealth chart. Sometimes poverty hurts.

Anyway, I had enrolled in computer application course for my graduation and further completed post graduation too in same stream. With the time, my thought and my action improved my English too and now I can better communicate. I think perfection is illusion, it is proficiency what comes from practice, patience and passion, i.e.  P->3P.

There were a big reaction when my admission news came in the air, everyone was scolding me for my arbitrariness; and I was cool as I was thinking it is a challenge for me. There was only father who was not worried. He was saying, “He will never do wrong”. But there was a big pay for this step, my real journey in fact real struggle started. At first, restless day than later both the restless day and sleepless nights. 24X7 an environment of comments and the mandate- “Talk this way”, “Eat this way”, “walk this way”, “Sit this way”, “Sleep this way” and sometimes test of my patience and honesty. I had started learning, it was very painful and teasing but I had much care of my personality so I was accepting it, in fact I was being habitual with this environment. Every night I started realizing that my personality is being developed.

Before my arrival here these relatives were very dear to me, but now I was facing their new face. My friend says some people have two faces but I think insecure people have several faces. And I am Sussen Jeffers fan ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. SO I was never bothered for their ‘face’. I am a fast learner so I keep myself always focused on my learning and never nurture negative thoughts. I was happy because I was getting compliments from friends, “You are improving”, “you are being more lovable”, and “you are being more mature”…..
I have always an attitude that if you can’t deal with something doesn’t look at them, things will be settled down. This is one way to handle, else go to the root of problem and solve it. Now you have to decide the way to handle your current problems.
One day I found ‘Rohit Raman’ as my mentor. I have started listening his every suggestion. I have started following him. I started a habit to learn something from each and every particles of this universe and now it became my nature to consider every small or big thing very seriously. I started a habit of reading. Every book started with the title ‘How To…..’ was my first choice and then reading to great peoples. I am very thankful to the author and the true leader of the world Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield, Stephen Convey, Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Swami Vivekananda etc.
In the last five year’s journey every morning I felt the day is being more struggling than yesterday; either the expectation of my surroundings has grown up or their insecurities have increased. Sometimes the experience was more than a torture; sometimes when I share my pain with friends, they did joke, “You are living with Hitler” and I always joked back, “Hitler was good, he was not a daydreamer, he believed in himself, he was genius, he saw a dream and made that true”. But joke apart, actually I am really very thankful to them, I am very obliged and grateful to them and very much inspired with their knowledge, study and persona. I am nothing without their guidance & blessings. May they live long!!
I just want to say focus on your goal, keep good spirits and positive thought, a winning attitude; I will not assure you that you will be succeed because I am not yet succeeded but I can reassure you that your journey will be easy.
My journey is continue…… My goal is to fix the gap between the rural people & urban people. My dream is to take a revolution in village and make them of global standard. Let’s see tomorrow…..”

I am sharing this story with you because so many of you are struggling alone for existence or for acceptance or for both. Somehow somewhere this story will stronger your faith and will give you a big hope & glaze in your eyes. And for the young generation or everyone who is going out of village for their dreams, it will make them prepare for upcoming hurdles and obstacles. If you see big dream, there will be a big pay too.
At last I want to say 7 Points should be remember
1) “Believe in you”

2) “Take 100% responsibility”

3) “Consider everyday- You are being better or bitter”

4) “Keep action plan”

5) “Your thought shown in action and your action portrait your personality”

6) “Walk your tongue”

7) “There is only learning and improvements; you are survivor not the victim.”


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