Respect The Woman

9 03 2013
woman is power

woman is power

Men are being transformed in wild beast now days. They have forgotten the limitations & boundaries. They are being reckless, mad and very dangerous. They are devil actually. Most of these devils are from elite class, now turned into lusting monster. They are generally teachers (mostly), boss, boyfriends (2nd most), cousins and drivers…. Hey.., you are man, God gifted you power to take care of their creation, not to ruin their beauty and happiness of life. Every morning when I check newspapers, I see almost every page has some news about sexual assault, rape and murder; and a loud voice for hard law & order. Do you think law & order can change the situation? Law & order is a game of politicians; if a law could change the situation, India has a good constitution after independence but I don’t think crime ratio is not bothering or being lesser day by day. Why do you want to dependent over others? Why should not we have to be self-dependent? You think it’s their job to provide you securities? But who are actually assaulted? Government or You? Where every individual understand their responsibilities and live self-dependent, that country is called safe, peaceful and growing. Today here, man or woman, no one is safe; crime is on pick. School. College, office, home; you see news of everywhere. And the worst scenario is society is still quite. Assaulted girls even boys are committing suicide for the sake of so called ‘honor & prestige of family’; they are sometimes killed by their families. Question is what is the solution? Living them to government or court to hang them or punish them is not right answer. We have so many cases pending in court. We don’t have enough time to wait for the law or judgment. Because everyday someone is assaulted or killed. We need to take action right here right now. We will fight with them. We will change the title and story of newspapers with our action. We will show them our power. We will use the power of self-defense. There are more than 50% people who keep their mouth shut after such devastating and horrible experience and stay alive with ‘dead-self-life’. You need to raise your voice, loud your action.
There is an old saying, when animal goes mad, it’s better to kill them. You need to teach them a lesson. You have infinite power. You know the fact but you don’t act. Why? Why do you feel defeated or helpless? You are women, born as brave & courageous. Why any suffering or embarrassment when you are not the victim? There are so many pure & sacred bloods are running campaign to save the humanity. Join your hands with them or start alone a campaign. Share your story and experience and enlighten & empower the life & future of young girls. You are not alone, we all are with you. Be social, be strong. Do interact with survivors. Don’t cry; hold your tears in eyes. Keep the pain inside and change it in an appeal with the world on the day you will speak through a stage or make it the ink of your pen. You have to learn how to tackle such situation. He will die, why will you? He is the victim you are not.
I often request to girls that wear the dress according to local trend & culture, every place is not BEACH. Freedom comes with some limitations and boundaries. Freedom doesn’t mean you became irresponsible. So don’t behave like fool. Think before you act. Listen to your mind, must do if it is required but ignore & avoid if it not the NEED. I request to parents to teach your child self-defense skills, make them enough wise to recognize the eyes of good & evil spirits.
You can’t change the past or the thing what has happened but you can build your future, you can write your story, you can decide your destiny. You don’t need to suffer. You have to focus on present. Now it’s your responsibility is to save others from such misshapes. Read the real & true story of survivor on the website of VTS foundation ( or you can find appropriate book from bookstore or library.
World need a revolution. Come with me, we have to change the attitude of men. Women are beauty of life; we have to make them more beautiful. She is the creator of your life. You are counted because she exists. She works behind the scene to make you visible. She is always with you in different avatars- Mother, Sister, Friend, Lover, Wife, and Daughter. Doesn’t she deserve respect and care in return? And you fool play with their life and emotion…. How disgusting you are? You called yourself MAN… Really??? Are you? …Shame on you….



Note.- I don’t need appreciation or praise on this post. I want to know your view and action-plan about the issue. Please discuss in comment-box.


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Avinash Kumar


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