Love- –Never ending love–A timeless bond & eternal knot.

8 02 2013


Love is a wonderful feeling…. Living the life with love makes your birth meaningful. Love organizes your life; it makes you sensible, It develops your personality, charm, glaze and confidence on your face, a positive attitude and a dare-devil, strong, self-motivated, passionate and committed person. Do love, must do love but remember your love should not be fabricated; it should be divine, eternal and unconditional. There is a thin line between Love & Lust; you must have to know that. Find the door of her/soul and brighten their life even in darkest hour, hold their hand and make them feel He/she is very very special, make them believe in themselves. Everyone has fear to lose something, everyone afraid of failure in the way of getting their desired dream, He/she will must look into your eyes before the first step towards his/her goal, show them your faith in him/her, he/she will overcome all his/her fears and will tackle all the roadblocks. Even He/she can gather all the shattered pieces of life. Love them to the core, be their soul mate.

‘True-Love’ or ‘Soul-Mate’ is not just a fantasy word, it always exist where there is a responsible heart with affection & care. God has gifted you mind & body now it’s your responsibility, how you use it…. If you are here, there will be a purpose. You have to understand the purpose of your life. You are born to live a happy, healthy & wealthy life; just prove it true, brighten the world with your idea, innovation and creativity. But remember the ultimate purpose of life is happiness and it comes from love and gratitude.

Love everyone but a little more to a special one, understand his/her spoken & unspoken words and needs, be honest & loyal with them. Everyone has their own way of expressing and getting their love. The way he/she expresses his/her love is the way he/she will feel your love for him/her. He/she wants to get your attention, affection, appreciation, admiration, attraction. Give him/her respect, time & value. Give time but it doesn’t mean forget rest of your responsibilities, you have 24 hrs i,e 86400 seconds every day, Set priorities and a time for each of your responsibilities. He/She deserves your support and true care. Give him/her freedom but there should be some restriction too.  Both of you will have your own theory of life & relationship, so understand that and give them spaces. Never expect anything in return. Never let him/her becomes disappointed, you always tell him/her how much he/she does mean to you. Your words and action express your innermost thought for him/her so choose the word wisely. Don’t force to change him/her ever. Think, you had loved him/her yesterday for that qualities and today you want to change that. Let him/her the way he/she is.

Sometimes some obstacles comes in your life & relationship, you have to overcome from that together; forget your ego that moment, just remember you have to live together so you will find a solution together, you have to stay loving & more loving. People who run for better, they never get the best and who believe he/she got something enough good, they make them the best. You are lucky, today there are so many way to find your solution; you can read books, search solution on internet, can get professional counselor’s help online/offline. You get help for cooking, for traveling, for your job but never want to take help to run your life or relationship well. Why? It is just a learning resource, just use. Don’t keep stupid complex, it’s the devil part of your brain who tells you that you are enough wise to tackle it.  Always keep good spirits. You are the leader of your life, lead it and leadership comes with responsibilities. You can be a great leader if you are ‘ant-slips-but-not-stop-from-climbing-up’ learner. Life is learning new curves every day, every experience teaches you a lesson. Everyone do mistakes, its natural and there is nothing wrong in this but repeating it again is not mistake, it’s your choice. Be careful in choosing your choices.  Your choice defines your personality and decides your destination.

© Avinash Kumar


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